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Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy
Preconception - Prenatal - Postpartum Care
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Kyri Low-Bingham
1 month ago
Dr Chelsea is so much more than a Pelvic Floor PT!! I originally started seeing Dr Chelsea because I didn't feel secure running post partum. Being a very holistic, natural person myself and knowing how connected our bodies...
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Wesley & Jennifer Alexander
2 months ago
I had an incredible postpartum recovery experience with Dr. Chelsea. She provided a treatment plan that was tailored to my specific situation that didn't require a tremendous amount of time every day to execute. I was able to...
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Mallory Stevens
11 months ago
I “graduated” from pelvic floor therapy care this week, and I am legitimately sad. Chelsea has been a terrific provider in so many ways- informative, an attentive listener, gentle in her hands on approach, and above all a...
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Jamie Brierton
1 year ago
Dr. Chelsea has been so great to work with- she truly cares about the whole patient and was able to resolve my issues in 3 visits. I had hesitated for years before seeking treatment and I wish I had not waited !
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Rebecca Doughty
1 year ago
Chelsea is the absolute best! She is very knowledgeable about all things pelvic floor, breathing, core, etc and she’s just a lovely human being. Needless to say after 4 children things were out of whack for me in the pelvic...
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Amy Jones
1 year ago
I am beyond grateful for the holistic care I receive at Dallas Pelvic Health!! Dr. Chelsea is incredible, and she has helped me manage and ultimately find relief from challenging postpartum pelvic floor symptoms. She has also...

Pelvic Physical Therapist In Irving, TX

Pregnancy and childbirth are a blessing, but the function of your body can sometimes suffer…it does not have to. You will find the care your female body needs with Pelvic Physical Therapist, Dr. Chelsea Harkins, at Dallas Pelvic Health in Irving, TX. Personalized treatments and pelvic floor exercises can help you gain strength and recover your body from the miracles of motherhood and get you back to feeling your best. Both prenatal and postpartum moms can benefit from our holistic and Christ-centered treatments. We can also help those who are preconception and dealing with painful intercourse. If you're looking for a stronger pelvic floor, more confidence in your labor, and wanting to get back to exercise, schedule your appointment today or check out our online course on "How To Get A Baby Out".

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